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Who is FarmMade?

Everyone is FarmMade! We all come from the farm; from the food that we eat, to the clothes that we wear, to the family traditions we call our own. Each one of us is nourished by its bounty, and in many ways, live by its seasonal rhythms.

Although the farm comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days, from sprawling cattle ranches in Montana, to urban rooftop farms in New York City, to select aquaponic farms in Hawaii, it evokes the same nostalgia that unites everyone to its plight. One that is essential to our human survival.

We are nostalgic for the farm like never before…we’ve heard our parents and grandparents reminisce about growing up on a farm and wonder what it would be like to milk a cow, collect eggs from a hen house or grow a beautiful garden for our families. Not too long ago, we were an agrarian society. We prided ourselves on turning milk into farm butter and cheese, farm fresh eggs into baked custards, fresh picked cucumbers and cabbage into pickles and kraut, and sheared wool was spun and woven into cozy hats and throws for winter. Handwork skills, such as sewing a quilt, crocheting a washcloth or embroidering a pillowcase, were handed down from one generation to the next. Candle making, wine making, beer crafting, soap making, blacksmithing, basket weaving, and re-purposing were all learned, time-honored traditional skills that contributed to a small farm’s micro-economy and long-term success. These traditions are still alive and thriving, placing the farm as the beating heart of every culture around the world. Through their strong covenant with the land and each other, farmers are able to preserve strong family traditions that connect us to their ancient way of life. Their independent nature breeds care and pride. These principles are infused into everything a farmer does; in this vein, superior products are made.

FarmMade aims to preserve and celebrate these skills and family farm traditions through sharing cultural recipes, farm stories and handmade crafts that date back hundreds if not thousands of years. Everything we do at FarmMade is with deep reverence and love for farmers and all things farm. We invite you to join us on our journey of purposeful living, by farm hopping from region to region, in search of a wholesomeness that can only be found on a farm.

Patti Ann

FarmMade Founder

Patti LongCreative maker, baker and lover of all things farm. My childhood was spent hopping family farms in North Dakota every summer. Past our parents’ sudden death, my four sisters, brother and German Grandparents felt happily distracted there and very loved. We attended farm weddings, anniversaries and family reunions full of farm food, polka dancing and many warm hugs. Moving on bravely to travel the world, get my college degree and raise a family of my own with my childhood sweetheart, I eventually embraced my heart’s desire.

Convincing my “city slicker” husband to build me a chicken coop and fill it with beautiful heritage chickens so “the kids would learn the meaning of responsibility and hard work” was the easy part. Insisting that we then build a barn, get goats, pigs, ducks, turkeys and MORE chickens was a bit harder. You know when you wrangle your first goat together, in order to trim hooves, it’s official. Our continued teamwork, passion for good food and the awesome realization that farm animals are completely entertaining, led us to create FarmMade.

This is about ALL farmers, ALL families and the ever important job of preserving our Agrarian Heritage and Traditions. So let us collect eggs together, put up the harvest and gather to celebrate all things farm.


Farm Alchemist(TM)-FarmMade Farm Products-Signature Line

SalinaWhen I was a little girl, I asked my mom to go to farm camp. I milked a cow there and remember thinking how magical it all was. In that moment, I realized that the farm was more than just my idea of fun. It was truly special, full of endless gifts from the earth and the animals. It captivated my attention with its immense beauty and constant dynamic creation.

From that moment on I was hooked. My mom, already longing herself to embrace the farm, agreed to turn our place into an introductory, sweet little hobby farm. Since I had been scheming and dreaming of this since I was a little bean sprout at farm camp, I was beyond enthusiastic! We started by attending Bee School together, which lead to cultivating several increasingly large gardens of herbs, vegetables and flowers. We then got chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs and my favorite…milking goats! I didn’t realize how different and beautiful my childhood was until entering high school. My friends would come over and collect eggs, feed goats and eat homemade granola, garden herb chèvre on freshly baked sourdough bread and never want to leave. We lived within the city limits of Portland, Oregon…but it seemed like a world away.

I am presently attending nursing school, while happily still celebrating the farm. I get to busily mix up potions for the FarmMade Farm Product signature line, along with adding my own creative twist to Traditional Farmhouse Recipes. Life is good!


FarmMade Web Designer

TobiasI constructed the Farm Made web site and logo, and continue on with updates, maintenance and new features. With Patti’s detailed creative instruction, I created the current Farm Made website from the ground up, implementing a variety of features and custom design to help Patti reach her vision of what Farm Made should be. I also did the photography and editing for the Farm Made product images in the shop.

I grew up in Ashland Oregon and moved to Bend in 2010. I enjoy the bountiful selection of outdoor activities that Central Oregon has to offer such as Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking and Snowboarding.

I’ve been offering website design and graphic design services through my company Rogue Easyweb for over 11 years.

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