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Farm Dishcloth™ – Hemp


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Farm Dishcloth™ – Hemp

A Farmgirl in Idaho makes these handmade hemp dishcloths,, with an all natural 6 strand hemp yarn. The white has been bleached with hydrogen peroxide, instead of bleach, which keeps the fiber quality intact and strong. The pattern used is a half double with double trim, taking an astounding 1440 stitches to complete. Hemp retains strength better than cotton when wet and has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties, which makes it perfect for dirty kitchen chores that require cleanliness and care. Noticeably rougher than cotton, hemp will soften with use and a good washing. It both scrubs and absorbs like a charm! Hemp was once farmed extensively in the USA and is making a come back due to its many useful properties and environmentally friendly composer. Our Founding Fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and James Madison farmed hemp and used it in the production of rope, thread and canvas, to name a few. Its viability has stood the test of time.

JaNiece’s story:

JaNiece lives in Idaho, where she homesteads and cares for her mother who has cancer. Her family raises chickens and gardens extensively. They normally have three cows, but have been forced to sell in order to afford her mothers prescriptions. They would love them back and are hoping by next spring to enjoy them once again. They can tomatoes, tomato sauce, green beans, pickled beets, pickles, jalapenos, spicy carrots, 4 jams, grape juice, peaches, pears, apple pie filling, applesauce. They freeze corn, peas, broccoli, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. There is a local potato farmer that lets them pick after he harvests…something she has done since she was a child. They grow their own herbs, garlic and onions as well. One of her mom’s favorite memories, when her daughter was just two, was of them both in the calf barn with her little arm completely down a calves throat, because it was trying to nurse! Their next endeavor is to start running calves again, like her grandfather did on his ranch long ago, and get some bee hives too boot. They aren’t certified organic, but they use no chemicals in growing, raising and making what they do. They proudly rise and set with the sun.

They quilt, embroider, cross-stitch, sew, as well as crochet. They, also, make their own natural laundry detergent, household cleaners, soaps, shampoo bars, conditioner, and lotion, lip balm and body butters. There’s not a whole lot they cant make themselves and are proud of there self sufficient, independent healthy lifestyle.

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