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FarmMade Guarantee

Farmmade GuaranteeFarmers are notorious for using a firm handshake to “seal a deal.” It is steeped in long-standing tradition that requires no written contract and assumes “a wo/man is only as good as their word.” Long before written, signed and binding agreements, a farmer had a reputation to uphold. These “good faith agreements” created and nurtured long-term relationships that were vital to good business and a farmer’s livelihood. It was the only way and to this day lives on from the wheat fields of Kansas, to the cattle ranches of Texas and the orchards of southern California.

We, here at FarmMade, would like to extend the same farmers handshake to you, our customer. It is our guarantee that sustainable, high-quality, traditionally produced products are made by select small farmer artisans, in small batches, to be delivered to your front doorstep with great care. We hope our high standards set us apart and establish a level of trust that far exceeds your modern day expectations. They say, “good fences make good neighbors” and we intend on keeping our side of the fence in good shape. Our reputation means everything to us. Our level of commitment to you, our customer, is unwavering.

Thank you for considering ALL farmers who work from sunup to sundown, to bring exceptional products to you and for your continued enjoyment. We walk the fields with you to celebrate our new-found friendship, built on old-fashioned honor and integrity, with hopes you’ll stick around and become part of our ever-growing farm family.

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