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Have you ever placed a dollar bill in a jar to help someone in need? Or maybe you rounded up your grocery bill at checkout, to an even number, knowing a family might receive a turkey or ham and all the fixins for a holiday dinner, just because you cared.

FarmMade FarmSavers sole purpose is to SAVE FARMS and GROW NEW ONES. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) there are an estimated 570 million farms around the world, of which 90% are considered family farms. The future of global food security rests in the hands of these hard-working farm heroes and the people who support them. They dedicate their lives, against all odds, to bring us healthy food and fibers for our every day needs. It is a family affair and one they take quite seriously…while having a lot of fun, of course!

But, in order for farmers to do their job, it is imperative that the fabric of rural life and our heritage stay intact. Farms are in constant need of repair and innovation to keep up with our ever-growing demands. The good news is that we can help and make a difference in many important ways. Vote for legislation that aids and protects farmers. If you shop at a Farmers Market…GREAT! If you signed up for a CSA this year…AWESOME! Because farmers are notoriously independent, strong and full of pride, it is hard for them to ask for help. This is a fact. Our “donation farm jar” is a page dedicated to highlighting their stories and requests for assistance. Give a dollar or one hundred. We hope you take notice and know that the smallest acts of kindness make a difference and can be a pretty big deal to a farmer.

Help Queens Farm Recover From a Horrific Fire

As many of our customers know, Queens Farm suffered a devastating fire a month ago on August 20, 2021 that rendered the house uninhabitable. Thankfully, everyone made it out safely and we are very grateful both to the local fire department and our insurance company for making sure our family has remained safe and housed elsewhere during this past month.

Since 2003, Queens Farm has been a small family owned and operated farm dedicated to chemical free produce of the kind grocery stores didn’t supply. We’ve given our Asian customers a taste of home they haven’t been able to find in the US for decades, discussed health benefits and traded recipes for new favorites with all our customers, and in cycling through over one hundred varieties of produce a year, preserved numerous heirloom breeds, seven of which are various tomatoes. We’ve strived every day of the last 18 years to stay true to our founding mission of “Chemical Free, Unique, and Affordable.”

Any donations you provide will go directly to the Yin family to replace farm equipment, rebuild storage facilities, and get water and electricity turned on again asap. With your help, we hope to greet 2022 once again rooted and revitalized.

Help Red H Farm Build Climate Resilience

I’m reaching out to the community today because it has been a really tough year and Red H Farm needs some support. The cumulative impacts of climate change, from hotter summers, extreme local fire seasons and now a catastrophic drought have taken a deep toll on this farm and farmer. Because I dry farm half of the land, relying on residual soil moisture from winter rains for much of my spring and early summer harvest, I have lost a huge percentage of my production this year. Can you help?

On this small, 1.2 acre, no-till, agro-ecological, woman-owned-and-operated, hand-scale farm….that means I am at 50% of usual harvest and sales. This financial loss is quite catastrophic. Not only a financial toll, the impacts of drought on our ecosystem takes a really deep emotional toll. It is hard to explain what it feels like to walk through crackly fields and witness the loss. It has been a tough year.

This comes at a particularly difficult time when, in order to remain viable and keep this farm thriving in the face of our changing climate, I am in the midst of big transitions that require some costly infrastructure investments. Over the past eighteen months I have been developing a plan to expand and transition much of my production to storage crops grown for my new winter CSA program. These long term crops require less intense physical labor in the increasingly hot summer months and will make farming into the future possible for me.

Help Rise & Root recover from Hurricane Ida Losses

Rise & Root Farm is raising money to cover the losses incurred by Hurricane Ida and flooding in our fields. We lost our tomato crop more than a month earlier than usual and our fall crops are either total losses or so stressed that they may or may not survive. We also lost several weeks of work as we waited for the water to receed, assessed the damage, and let the fields dry out enough to replant. We are ending our farmers’ market season about two months early because we don’t have enough produce to sell anymore.

Rise & Root Farm is a cooperatively owned business run by four women who are multigenerational, multi-racial, and LGBTQ+. We are committed to food justice and to being a healing farm and safe place for people from our communities. Rise & Root Farm is a small diversified vegetable farm located in Chester, NY on the famous black dirt. In addition to vegetables, we grow a mix of herbs and cut flowers. Our growing practices are organic or beyond.

The money we raise will help to cover our lost income for the remaining weeks of our growing season. It will go to pay our staff and to help us prepare for winter and spring crops.

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