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Have you ever placed a dollar bill in a jar to help someone in need? Or maybe you rounded up your grocery bill at checkout, to an even number, knowing a family might receive a turkey or ham and all the fixins for a holiday dinner, just because you cared.

FarmMade FarmSavers sole purpose is to SAVE FARMS and GROW NEW ONES. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) there are an estimated 570 million farms around the world, of which 90% are considered family farms. The future of global food security rests in the hands of these hard-working farm heroes and the people who support them. They dedicate their lives, against all odds, to bring us healthy food and fibers for our every day needs. It is a family affair and one they take quite seriously…while having a lot of fun, of course!

But, in order for farmers to do their job, it is imperative that the fabric of rural life and our heritage stay intact. Farms are in constant need of repair and innovation to keep up with our ever-growing demands. The good news is that we can help and make a difference in many important ways. Vote for legislation that aids and protects farmers. If you shop at a Farmers Market…GREAT! If you signed up for a CSA this year…AWESOME! Because farmers are notoriously independent, strong and full of pride, it is hard for them to ask for help. This is a fact. Our “donation farm jar” is a page dedicated to highlighting their stories and requests for assistance. Give a dollar or one hundred. We hope you take notice and know that the smallest acts of kindness make a difference and can be a pretty big deal to a farmer.

Harvest Village Barn Fund

Harvest Village is an agritourism business that hosts guests on our farm, either in our BnB or camping. About a month ago (October 9th) we experienced a tragedy, our barn burned down. As bad as it was to have our barn go up in flames, the worst part was losing eight sheep, including 3 newborn lambs.

Because a nice barn is such an important part of our guests’ Farm Stay experience we were actually in the process of remodeling and expanding the barn. Thankfully, our insurance covered the loss of the barn but it does not cover the loss of our animals nor the improvements that we were planning to make to the barn (primarily a new concrete floor – the old barn just had a dirt floor)

Help save the Rieckmann Family Farm

Mary and John Rieckmann are an older (should be retired) couple from Fremont, WI. The two of them are small dairy farmers on their family farm of 185 years, that simply cannot make it with milk prices so low. In Mary’s words, “We keep hanging on, doing what we have to, to make it from day to day but I don’t think we can keep going much longer if we don’t get some help. We’d like to pass it down to our children but it seems like every bill collector is coming out of the woodwork.”

The funds raised will be used to pay for feed, repair, vet, and power bills as soon as possible. The last thing Mary wrote was, “I am pleading for help. It’s an awful feeling to know that you’re about to lose your home. This is our last resort and any help given will be greatly appreciated.”

Help save Diamond Hill Farm

We bought an amazing home and new farm property in a more rural part of Athens in September 2018. It’s perfect for a small vegetable farm, and it’s a beautiful place to raise our twin boys, but it’s in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association. Before we bought the property, we requested and received approval from the HOA board for a non-residential use and to use the property to run the farm.

In December, shortly after we moved in and started planting, a newly elected HOA board attempted to reverse the HOA’s prior approval, demanded that we stop farming the property, and threatened legal action against us if we continue. Shutting the farm down and selling our new property after we’ve invested everything we have, and more, in its startup would bankrupt us.

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