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Have you ever placed a dollar bill in a jar to help someone in need? Or maybe you rounded up your grocery bill at checkout, to an even number, knowing a family might receive a turkey or ham and all the fixins for a holiday dinner, just because you cared.

FarmMade FarmSavers sole purpose is to SAVE FARMS and GROW NEW ONES. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) there are an estimated 570 million farms around the world, of which 90% are considered family farms. The future of global food security rests in the hands of these hard-working farm heroes and the people who support them. They dedicate their lives, against all odds, to bring us healthy food and fibers for our every day needs. It is a family affair and one they take quite seriously…while having a lot of fun, of course! But, in order for farmers to do their job, it is imperative that the fabric of rural life and our heritage stay intact. Farms are in constant need of repair and innovation to keep up with our ever-growing demands. The good news is that we can help and make a difference in many important ways. Vote for legislation that aids and protects farmers. If you shop at a Farmers Market…GREAT! If you signed up for a CSA this year…AWESOME! Because farmers are notoriously independent, strong and full of pride, it is hard for them to ask for help. This is a fact. Our “donation farm jar” is a page dedicated to highlighting their stories and requests for assistance. Give a dollar or one hundred. We hope you take notice and know that the smallest acts of kindness make a difference and can be a pretty big deal to a farmer.

Splash Creek Farms

Splash Creek Farm

Hi everyone My name is Lauren and I moved out to My mothers Property this Summer! It is 105 wonderful Acres, and I have named it Splash Creek Farm! I lived out in Sandy Oregon for a few years and I raised Chicks to sell and once in a wile I would take in Unwanted roosters and other critters and find them homes.

I learned that roosters are Amazing! They are smart and many are very cuddly and Loving critters. Well when I moved out here I decided to open my new home to as many roosters as I can care for. So many roosters are wonderful and beautiful animals and end up in the stew pot simply because a lot of places do not allow roosters in city limits, or people end up with more then they need for their flock of hens, to no fault of heir own. So many amazing roosters go as food.

House Bees

House Bees

The house bees project consists in the development of an organic farm that deals with beekeeping. The farm will produce honey and other beehive products by following organic methods in full respect of nature. Thanks to this campaign I will be able to make my passion become a job and this will allow me to help other people too.

The donations made will be used to achieve the objective, which consists in the creation of the company that will use modern equipment, such as the plants of honey extraction and packaging entirely automatic, without sacrificing tradition.

Copenhagen Seeds

Copenhagen Seeds

We want to make a stronger connection from seed to plate by growing heirloom seeds and collaborating around growing and saving our common seed heritage – our future food. A link between urban and rural; seed gardener and chef. Through workshops and gardening programs we hope to gather curious chefs, farmers, researchers, seedsavers and citizens in activities that contribute to a greater edible biodiversity.

In the last 60 years, local seed production has been non-existent when it comes to the kitchen garden seeds, the foundation of a diverse food production. The small and medium sized vegetable seed companies have merged. Now, the market is based mainly on 27 vegetable varieties and export, not on local seed production. Same movement is seen from a global perspective.

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