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Have you ever placed a dollar bill in a jar to help someone in need? Or maybe you rounded up your grocery bill at checkout, to an even number, knowing a family might receive a turkey or ham and all the fixins for a holiday dinner, just because you cared.

FarmMade FarmSavers sole purpose is to SAVE FARMS and GROW NEW ONES. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) there are an estimated 570 million farms around the world, of which 90% are considered family farms. The future of global food security rests in the hands of these hard-working farm heroes and the people who support them. They dedicate their lives, against all odds, to bring us healthy food and fibers for our every day needs. It is a family affair and one they take quite seriously…while having a lot of fun, of course!

But, in order for farmers to do their job, it is imperative that the fabric of rural life and our heritage stay intact. Farms are in constant need of repair and innovation to keep up with our ever-growing demands. The good news is that we can help and make a difference in many important ways. Vote for legislation that aids and protects farmers. If you shop at a Farmers Market…GREAT! If you signed up for a CSA this year…AWESOME! Because farmers are notoriously independent, strong and full of pride, it is hard for them to ask for help. This is a fact. Our “donation farm jar” is a page dedicated to highlighting their stories and requests for assistance. Give a dollar or one hundred. We hope you take notice and know that the smallest acts of kindness make a difference and can be a pretty big deal to a farmer.

Please Help Save Magical Moon Farm

This fundraiser isn’t for your ordinary organization. Donna Green has been supporting the Magical Moon for decades. And here’s why she needs the BIG help now: Betty Greene

“To pay off the farm so we don’t lose it to foreclosure. All my funding has disappeared with COVID. I personally don’t make a salary and have been running all of this on my art and publishing income for 26 years. Because I don’t take a salary I am not eligible for loans. I believe in what I do in helping children with cancer and other life threatening conditions as well as the community and now I need to find a way to save it all. It’s simple. ❤️ The only way I can manage the bills now is to burn the mortgage completely.” I’m way too far behind to recover in any other way and time for this is running out quickly.

New Roots Cooperative Farm

We are Jabril Abdi, Seynab Ali, Mohamed Abukar, and Batula Ismail. We are farmers who came to the United States as refugees. We have faced many challenges including not being able to work due to barriers faced by New Americans. We didn’t speak the language or have the education to work a regular job in a society that’s not forgiving for individuals who do not have the technical skills to work in many jobs. This fundraising campaign gives us the opportunity to make our dreams a reality, own land, and finally make a home for ourselves in Maine.

Purchasing our land will enable us to continue building a sustainable farm, provide food to the community, and improve the food economy in the local area. As an agricultural cooperative, we are stronger, being able to work together with the support of many organizations including Cooperative Development Institute and Cultivating Community.

The Immink Family

Jake Immink a 31-year-old- cattle rancher from rural Nebraska and beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend, was admitted to the ICU with COVID-19 on Nov. 3rd. He is currently fighting for his life on a ventilator. His ranching parents, Jon and Peggy Immink are also currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

Jake manages the family farm and is currently unable to fulfill his obligations. The family is requesting your donations to support the families’ medical bills and farm expenses while they are afflicted. We appreciate your support and prayers for the Immink family during this hardship.

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