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Farmhouse Kitchen Recipe: Gourmet Pickled Eggs

Karl and I are accidental homesteaders. We started with a small garden in late Summer 2012 and our first chickens were gifted to us in November 2015. We built our first coop prior to their arrival and the rest is just a wonderful blur. With gardening and chickens came the need to learn preserving. Once I had canning figured out, I started playing around with the idea of pickled eggs. I started with a recipe I found online and eventually made them from my very own dill pickle recipe. I have created several flavors and I like to call them “gourmet” pickled eggs. At the markets, I have changed the minds of many people that said they hate pickled eggs. As I explained to them, these are not gas station eggs. Offering samples is a huge help!
Our farm/homestead is definitely a group effort. My husband, Karl, is a major part of the team and our children help when we need them. We make a great team and we are very thankful for those who have helped us learn along the way. Find us on Instagram and follow our small farm journey!

Cajun Pickled Eggs
You’ll need 12 boiled and peeled eggs per quart.
50/50 white vinegar and water
You want the brine to be boiling when you pour it over the eggs.
Per quart, add
2T powdered crab boil
2-3t red pepper flakes
Put six eggs in each jar and then add seasoning. Fill the jar with the remaining eggs, then pour hot brine over the eggs until covered. Wipe the rim dry and place lid. Let them completely cool on the counter. Once cooled, place in the refrigerator. They are ready to eat immediately, but I recommend waiting at least a week to eat. The longer they sit, the more flavor they have.
Garlic Dill Pickled Eggs
This recipe is for regular garlic dill or spicy garlic dill.
You’ll need 12 boiled and peeled eggs per quart (spicy is usually 10 eggs)
4 1/4c water
2 1/8c white vinegar
1/4c salt (I use canning salt)
Your brine needs to be heated on the stove- preferably boiling when you pour it over the eggs.
In each quart jar, add 6 eggs and then add:
3 teaspoons of dried dill weed-
If you are using fresh dill- add as much as you want
Add at least 8 cloves of fresh peeled garlic
FOR SPICY- add the above ingredients AND
1/4 very thinly sliced onion
3/4 of very thinly sliced jalapeño
2-4t ground jalapeño pepper or cayenne
Then add the remaining eggs and pour hot brine over the eggs until completely covered.
Wipe the rim of the jar dry and place the lid. Let them cool completely on the counter. Once cooled, refrigerate. Of course they are ready to eat immediately, but waiting a week for your first taste is best. The longer they sit, the stronger the flavor.
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