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Farmhouse Kitchen Recipe: Garden Compound Butter

Garden Compound Butter

To make one compound butter roll, you will need:
Fresh herbs and/or edible flowers
2 sticks of butter (partially softened-you want the butter workable)
Parchment paper
Cling wrap
Medium size bowl/mixing spoon

First, wash & dry your fresh herbs & organic edible flowers from your garden.
Chop most into small pieces, setting some whole flowers & herbs aside.
Mix chopped flowers/herbs & two sticks of softened butter in medium size mixing bowl using a spoon.
At this point, you can serve in a bowl or put into molds (candy molds work great) for individual pats of butter.
Or continue to next steps.
Pile butter mixture onto parchment paper and roll into log.
Add whole flowers/herbs to the top and sides.
Transfer butter onto the edge of a piece of cling wrap putting the decorated top facing down.
Add flowers/herbs to the bottom side.
Roll butter log wrapping tightly. Twist ends to seal. Store in refrigerator. Allow time to set. About an 1-2 hours. Then slice as needed. Can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 months.

Variation Ideas-
For roasting chicken or turkey- mix in sage, rosemary, oregano, lemon thyme and orange zest.
For spicy butter- mix in dried crushed cayenne & peppercorns
For sweet butter- mix in edible flowers & chopped berries and a couple tablespoons of honey

So many possibilities, get creative.

RECIPE BY: Holly Capelle @bigfamilyliving

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