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Farm Jam: Strawberry

Who doesn’t love fresh just-picked strawberries? Whether you pick them yourself, buy them at a farm stand or farmers market, receive them in your CSA delivery, or find them at your local market, there’s nothing that says “summer is just around the corner” like tasty fresh strawberries. The gold standard of strawberries in the Pacific Northwest are the HOOD strawberries. Smaller in size than your average strawberry, they pack the sweetest punch. The strawberry season is fairly short to begin with and these little ruby jewels of goodness encompass just about why everyone loves strawberries.

Do you have a local strawberry farm that offers u-pick? If so, make special plans to take the family out for some good old fashioned fun. Bring out the competitor in everyone and organize a picking contest. Typically, there are different sizes of containers that hold the strawberries as they are freshly picked. Choose from pint, half flat or the largest full flat size. A strawberry picking contest is a great way to make sure your kids come home with more than a belly ache due to secretly eating them all! The probability of it dissolving into a strawberry fight is quite high and makes for a sweet summer-time memory.






The number of Farmhouse Kitchen Recipes that call for a handful of seasonal red-ripe strawberries are endless. Do you like strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream or strawberry rhubarb pie? How about chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry cheesecake or (our favorite) strawberry jam? Making, canning and shelving jars of strawberry jam qualifies as homesteading nirvana when eaten by the spoonful or spread atop some freshly ground organic peanut butter. Glaze a traditional Southern Jam Cake with it and you will have arrived at Star Baker status (Stay tuned for our recipe next week!). An old fashioned, classic farm jam preserved from the first juicy strawberries of the summer shines as a staple in any well stocked pantry. The following Blue Ribbon recipe can be easily modified to fit any nutritional preference or restriction. Invite some friends over to pool berries, effort and time!

Strawberry Farm Jam Recipe

8 c freshly picked or frozen strawberries

4 c + 6 Tbsp sugar

3 Tbsp lemon juice

2 Tbsp pectin

1 pat of butter

Place thoroughly washed strawberries in a large roasting pan.

Mash until desired consistency is achieved.






Transfer mashed strawberries into a medium size sauce pan.






Add lemon juice and pectin. Let set for 20 minutes.

Bring the mixture to a full rolling boil.






Add sugar and bring to an additional boil for one minute.

Stir well.






Spoon into small jam jars and process 15 minutes in

a hot water bath. Set until sealed. You will hear a pop!






Is there a twist on Strawberry Farm Jam that makes your recipe the best? Share your strawberry summertime memories with us and be sure to include where you’re located! Each region has its own climate and strawberry strain that performs the best. Regardless of where you live, the strawberry season is short, but full of so many scrumptious possibilities! Let’s celebrate the strawberry season together!

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